Estelle Shepherd

Estelle Shepherd

Global Head of Talent and People

Estelle has been talking to people about their work, jobs and careers pretty much every day since Y2K worries and owning a CD Walkman were real ‘things’.

As a member of the global leadership team, she is responsible for finding and developing the best innovation talent on the planet.

Identifying and attracting the talent ?What If! needs means understanding the wonderful contradictions inherent in the best innovators. The emotion and the structure, the conviction and the flexibility, the impatience and the productivity alongside connected thinking – all the traits that when combined deliver the inspiring, game changing work we’re famous for.

Developing these clever, restless, generous spirits requires a deft touch, high levels of personalisation and, most importantly, real world conversations. Along with her team, Estelle creates the scaffolding that enable our people to understand, discuss and realise their dreams. A firm believer that behaviour eats process as a light mid-morning snack, she helps us connect the dots between our people and business.

Estelle lives in west London with her young son. When they’re not cooking or cooking up art projects, they’ll be busy planning their next kitchen disco.

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