jemma jackson

Jemma Jackson

Associate Director

Jemma is at her best when she’s solving clients’ trickiest and stickiest problems. She brings a unique formula to every innovation challenge: her love for creativity, relentless drive for impact and a forever-discerning mind.

As a new ?What Iffer!, Jemma arrived armed with the tools of a brand innovation consultant. Her experience spans the spectrum of business and brand strategy, from delivering multi-million and multi-national brand transformation programmes, unearthing unmet consumer needs, to designing UXs in-tune with emerging consumer behaviours, and driving internal culture programmes with leaders and frontline employees.

Outside of work, you’ll find her soap-making and experimenting on her all-natural beauty project, or out on the road, deliberately getting lost in the most scenic and secretive places in the UK.

The ?! moment I’ve witnessed the most Audacity:
When we dared to challenge the client’s assumptions, helping them realise that the opportunities before us were far broader than their original brief. In the end it was a triumph, as the deliverable went far beyond their expectations.

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