Katelyn Lurvey


Katelyn loves everything about ideas – from the moment they first hatch, to carefully incubating them, to seeing them off into the real world. Her first foray into “problem-solving inventing” began at age 7 when she sketched out a pulley system to carry a laundry basket up the stairs. While the types of problems she solves for has evolved, she is still driven by the same insatiable curiosity and brings this enthusiasm to each and every project.

Before joining ?What If!, Katelyn led Innovation & Experience Strategy at a start-up agency, where her passion for consumer trends, immersive technology, and experiential design delivered transformative brand strategies. She has also spoken on industry panels about the future of immersive technology and has been a featured speaker as part of Parsons Open Style Lab.

Outside of the office, Katelyn is a passionate traveler and keeps an active bucket list of destinations – with the current #1 item being to visit the Terrestrial North Pole. But sometimes the best trips are just around the five boroughs of NYC – especially when there is pasta, wine, or a free boat tour involved.

The ?! moment I’ve had the most Audacity:
Feeling especially inspired after two days of participating in ?What If!’s onboarding training (which happened to be gameshow-themed), I decided the best way to showcase all we had learned was to fully immerse myself in theme and lead a game of jeopardy in front of the entire NY office…as Alex Trebek – wig & all. A bit audacious for a new hire!

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