lillian xu

Lillian Xu


Lillian’s instincts about people’s desires and needs are always spot-on. With strong belief in the power of insights, she inspires clients and drives innovations. Lillian has led a wide range of projects: cracking the premium instant coffee category with breakthrough new product ideas for Southeast Asia market; reshaping corporate vision and brand architecture for a leading commercial property company to fuel long-term growth; creating new product innovation pipelines for a major beer brewer; and understanding what’s driving the loyalty of Chinese consumers and generating ideas to make their hotel loyalty program more relevant and compelling. Beside the commercial results that help clients’ businesses to grow, she’s also proud of the human impact of these projects in touching and improving consumers’ lives.

Before joining ?What If!, Lillian worked for over 10 years in large consumer goods companies like Procter & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson, where she led insight-based innovations to delight emerging market consumers in Asia and globally.

When not traveling the world digging for consumer insights, it is scuba diving and photography that inspires Lillian to visit different places around the world.

The ?! moment I’ve had the greatest Adventure:
What motivates me are the adventures I take with the ?What If! team and clients in every project we do. To challenge the thinking and come up with fresh insights about hotel loyalty, we convinced the clients to go on an immersion journey and spoke to weird and wonderful consumers and experts to provide totally new perspectives. We accompanied a young mom in her shopping trip in IKEA and heard her stories about how IKEA helped her to shape her dream home and ideal life. We also interviewed a video gaming guru to hear how the virtual world of online gaming has resulted in so many people becoming “addicted” – the ultimate form of loyalty. These conversations opened up the team’s mind and led to some breakthrough ideas to disrupt the hotel loyalty category.

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