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Shona Chalmers


Shona is motivated by the study of human psychology: what drives people to think and behave as they do. Whether focused on the internal workings of team dynamics or the drivers of consumer behavior, Shona’s approach is human insight inspired. Recently, Shona helped develop the innovation-focused vision and values manifesto for a highly diverse leading power solutions provider, gathering deep insights from as far out as the factory floors in the Middle East to the head office in Europe. Shona has also been part of many digital communities, allowing her to get inside the heads of a broad range of consumers, including mobile savvy Gen Z’ers and luxury hair care devotees. Every challenge has psychology at its center, and that is what excites Shona most.

Before joining ?What If!, Shona worked for a number of independent TV production companies, both in script development and on set.

 The ?! moment I’ve witnessed the most Audacity:
Audacity is the unspoken permission that lives in ?What If! to go for the things you believe in and to challenge the things you don’t. It is my favorite value – and the value that told me to get out of my comfort zone and move my life from London to New York.

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